Atenis sioni

Atenis Sioni (VII) – the cross – dome shaped church of the I half of VII century. It is located about 12 km. from Gori in the Ateni Ravine, on the left bank of the Tana River, on the edge of steep rock, on the platform fortified with support wall.


Uplistsikhe – the cave city, one of the ancient settlements and city centers in Caucasus is located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River, 10 km. east of Gori. It was first mentioned in the written sources in the VII century.


Ertatsminda (XIII) is a changed form of “Estatetsminda”. Saint Evstate (Estate) cross – dome shaped Temple of the first half of the XIII century is in the center of the village Ertatsminda, Kaspi region.


Metekhi – a village in Kaspi Municipality, located on the right bank of the Mtkvari River, the center of Administration (Village Barnabiantkari), 560 meter above sea level, 10 km. from Kaspi. A human lived in the early Bronze Age at the territory of Metekhi (rural areas). The burial grounds, barrow and settlements started from Early Bronze Age to the 10th century BC were founded there. There are several churches in the village:

• Metekhi Complex of Virgin’s Temple

• Kviratskhoveli Church

• Ascension (Amagleba) Church

• Saint Tevdore Church


Ruisi (VIII-IX) – temple in the middle of village Ruisi, Kareli region. It is a cross-dome shaped temple. The main outline of the plan and eastern part of the building are preserved from original building. According to the legend, Ruisi temple was built by Vakhtang Gorgasali. The building of this age has not survived so far.


Samtavisi (1030) - a temple is located in the center of the village (village Samtavisi is about 11 km. away from Kaspi), on the left bank of the Lekhura River. Since 2005 the archeological excavations started at the territory of this monument and the remains of the 6th century basilica (there is whole contour and the wall height reaches 1 meter in some places. The part of basilica is located under the main temple) was discovered there. As the legend says, the temple was built by Vakhtang Gorgasali. The Samtavisi Old Church was built in 472 but nothing has survived from the temple.


Ulumbo Monastery (XIII-XIV) is located in Khashuri region, Shida Kartli, Georgia, to 13 km. north from Khashuri in the gorge of one of the right tributary of the Chiratkheula River. Ulumbo Monastery was built by one of 13 Asuryan Fathers – Michael Ulumboeli. At the end of the XIV century, the Ulumbo Icon was considered as miraculous. The omnipotence of the Ulumbo Icon is awarded to the birth of Alexander I the Great.


Urbnisi – located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River in Kareli Rural Municipality, 10 km. from Kareli. There is three-nave basilica Urbnisi Sioni of the V-VI century in the village. The village was built on the ancient and early medieval Urbnisi city territory. The humans started to settle on Urbnisi environs on III millennium B.C. From monuments of that period, Kvatskhelebi located on 2 km. east from the settlement and Khizanaant Gora – directly on the settlement are studied by archeologists. The name Urbnisi in the Georgian written sources is connected to the name of Georgian Educator Saint Nino. She stayed in Urbnisi for one month and then followed the Urbnel Prayers to Mtskheta. Arabian Commander Murman Kru destroyed Urbnisi in 30s of the VIII century. For this time Urbnisi ceased to exist as the city and became one of the villages of Kartli that survived till now.


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